Team Effort From All

Western Ohio Warriors LacrosseIn order for our club to be successful, we sincerely rely upon the help from all of those family members who volunteer their time. Everything matters, no matter how large or small the contribution. The Warrior Family always needs help in making sure our kids have the very best when it comes to competing in national tournaments, practices and more. Without the efforts from our friends and families, we sincerely wouldn’t be able to provide the players with the support they need to continue in their development.

So please consider volunteering in any way you can, no matter how big or small you may think the contribution may be – it all adds up in the end. The support we provide allows the players to have a “tent city” to settle into between games, food and drinks to replenish their energy, and so much more.  Even if you have a special gift for photography, video editing, or organization – we always appreciate whatever you can do to help.

You will soon discover that the term “family” truly describes what our group encompasses. We welcome your support in the future.

Please volunteer for upcoming events by filling out the form below.